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Mailing address: 112 North Curry St., Carson City, NV 89703
Address for Foreman-Roberts House Museum: 1207 North Carson St., Carson City, NV

"Dedicated to Preserving Carson City's History"


Carson City Historical Society

The Carson City Historical Society (EIN 94-2565777) is located at the Foreman-Roberts House Museum, 1207 North Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada. Our mailing address is 112 North Curry St., Carson City, NV 89703. The Carson City Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that operates and maintains the Foreman-Roberts House Museum.

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March 2020 Newsletter is Available Online

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The March CCHS Newsletter is available online. Perhaps you have already received it in your email inbox. If you are not on our email list, please email your request to be added to

To download the February Newsletter, please CLICK HERE.

March 29, 2020, Open House Cancelled
Three More Open Houses Scheduled for 2020:
Sun., April 26, 2020
Sun., May 24, 2020
Sun., June 28, 2020

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Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Open House scheduled for March 29 has been cancelled.

However, the Carson City Historical Society has tentatively scheduled three other Open Houses. Here is your opportunity to tour the Foreman-Roberts House and check out the historical displays in the adjoining Carriage House. The dates are April 26 (2:00 to 5:00 p.m.), May 24 (2:00 to 5:00 p.m.), and June 28 (2:00 to 5:00 p.m.).

Mark your calendars now to you don't miss the fun.

A Message from CCHS Pres. Jeff Loflin
Saturday, March 7, 2020

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Fellow Carsonites!

There was some misinformation in an unofficial communication that went out. My apologies.

After coming together as a community and raising over $20,000, Jackson Foods Inc., who now owns the property and the building, was not able to find an interested party to remove the building. Jackson's Food Inc. was fully supportive of the preservation efforts. They extended the demolition deadline 30 days and worked diligently with a potential candidate and the Society but they were not able to address all the issues in a timely manner.

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone that supported this project including: Jackson's Foods, local businesses, Community Leaders, and most importantly, the residents of Carson City.

The donated funds will be kept in a separate account and used by the Carson City Historical Society for the preservation of historic buildings in Carson City. If you have questions regarding donations, please contact us at

Thank you again for all of the Community Support!

Jeff Loflin
President - Carson City Historical Society

Mailing Address for CCHS

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The mailing address for the Carson City Historical Society (CCHS) is:

112 North Curry Street
Carson City, NV 89703

The physical address for the Foreman-Roberts House Museum is 1207 North Carson St., but that address is not our official mailing address.


The Carson City Historical Society is a Nevada nonprofit organizations. It is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible pursuant to section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

CCHS board meetings are generally held the second Monday of each month at 3:45 p.m. in the Carriage House of the Foreman-Roberts House Museum.

If you are interested in being put on the CCHS e-mail list, please send an e-mail to and put "CCHS Membership Addition" in the subject line. We will inform you about upcoming events of the Society via e-mail.

The Carson City Historical Society (formerly the Nevada Landmarks Society) is located at the Roberts House Museum, 1207 North Carson Street, Carson City, Nevada 89702. E-mail

Foreman-Roberts House - The Foreman-Roberts House Museum is open by appointment only and for special events sponsored by the Carson City Historical Society. To tour the Foreman-Roberts House Museum, please call or leave a message at 775-887-2174 for an appointment. Messages are checked daily. Cost is $5 per person. View Map for the Foreman-Roberts House

If you would like to join the Carson City Historical Society, our application is located on this website. Please print out and mail to:

Carson City Historical Society
112 North Curry St.
Carson City, NV 89703
Membership is $25 per person or $35 for family and includes our newsletter plus an opportunity to attend many historical events. Click here for application form.

For the history of the Foreman-Roberts House, click on Foreman-Roberts House History (on menu, at left) or CLICK HERE. Better yet, come and visit us. We have quite a history to tell.

CCHS Officers for 2020

Jeff Loflin

First Vice President CCHS:
Sue Ballew

Second Vice President CCHS:
Travis Legatzke

David Bugli

Kiyoshi Nishikawa

Membership Chair
Andi Fant

Donna McLaren

Kathleen "Kat" Long

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